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    TRT user, second cycle, PIP. What's causing it?

    I'm running 1 ml of test eth e3d and 1 ml of prop eod. They're both mixed with a series of carrier oils including Ethyl Oleate. I am a TRT user, so my muscle is not foreign to injecting test cyp and rotating sites. But since I've started a week ago each site experienced pretty bad pain (except my last injection, glute, it really wasn't painful). I just did my delt 30 mins ago, so far so good.

    A few questions:

    1) Can PIP be caused because of new compounds?

    2) Can someone get used to the carrier oils, and the PIP goes down?

    Any other words? Thanks

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    Pip can be caused by a number of things. One thing that seems rather common is the BA is too high. Sometimes it is necessary to cut with gso.

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    Yeah it's probably the prop. A lot of people have that issue.

    You are also injecting a lot more than TRT so that can be an issue. I would not go over 2cc in smaller muscle or 3cc in larger.

    How fast area you injecting and what size pin? Make sure you inject SLOW.

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    I think it's normal. You're injecting a lot more oil. I'm experiencing the same thing, and im using test e

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    Test P gives me severe discomfort.
    You can try cutting it with GSO.

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