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Thread: Test Cycle Finished, Can I Go Straight Into A More Advanced Cycle ASAP?

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    Test Cycle Finished, Can I Go Straight Into A More Advanced Cycle ASAP?

    Hi all,

    Just finished a Test only cycle & was wondering if I would be able to go into a more advanced cycle straight away or would I have to run a PCT & stay off the juice for the duration I was on it for or maybe longer for my body to return to normal?

    I'm looking to follow the Novice Cycle #2-3 from this site ASAP but obviously don't want to give any health risks to myself by not having the correct amount of time off the stuff?

    My diet & everything is spot on & noticed good results from the Test cycle but i'm going away for a season & this is probably the last chance i'll have to complete a full cycle before leaving so this is the reason why i'm wanting to jump onto something a bit more advanced ASAP & then after that cycle i'd run the PCT also given by this site under Novice Cycle #2-3.

    I've done a bit of research on these forums & have seen a lot of guys time wasted by other members just basically giving them a bit of abuse about what they're wanting to know, so no disrespect to the more advance users but i'd appreciate it if I could have only helpful responses instead of abusive & time wasting replies.

    Cheers guys!!

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    You need to run a proper pct and take the appropriate amount of time off between cycles .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buster Brown
    You need to run a proper pct and take the appropriate amount of time off between cycles .
    He's also 23

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    Yeah way more risks involved w/cycling at your age!

    Plus it's time on + PCT = time off... But No, do not continue on w/out proper PCT! You already could have messed your natty test production up!

    Did you get BW done(pre/mid/& don't forget 6-8 wks after PCT...
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    Considering your only 23, and may possibly want to have children or keep an erection without additional medication.... Just run PCT and do ur down time. U will be glad u did... But if however u want none of the above and want to be on TRT for the rest of ur life, and a pinch of viagra to rock ur ol lady then run cycle after cylce after cycle... But at least u asked, now it depends on what u do....
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    Run a proper PCT Jizz

    Clomid 75,50,50,50
    Nolva 40,20,20,20

    If it was test c then start 18 days after last pin if test e start 14 days after last pin.

    Am not bursting your balls Jizz but at your age AAS are not a good idea in the long run it will/could mess you up.

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