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    Question antibiotics will they work alone or is drainage needed aswell ?????

    So most likely got myself my first infection on a dealt shot. Shot was Monday , Tuesday kinda sore Wednesday an Thursday had nice big long lump going along with the mussel big rash moving along really good if you want to call it good (not at all). I had no fever at all was kinda warm to touch but not much difference then the rest of my body. Friday all pain was gone an rash was fading but stupid hard lump wasn't moving. I made the call today to make a trip to the walk-in told him i thought i might have a infection from a self administered B-12 shot so nothing was on record about AAS for insurance reason. He poked around at it said yes could be an infection. Gave me a 7 day 4 a day scrip for Keflex. My question is will antibiotics alone work or should he have did a little drainage to go along with it ? ( Monday shot Saturday went in to docs started antibiotics i always said if i run into the problem i would give myself a 5 day window but would it be too far along for just antibiotics ?)

    I am always clean at what i do isopropyl wipe rubber tops new wipe every top it drawing out of 2 bottles for my Monday mix shot of deca an test e 1 draw pin one stick pin an 3 wipes on the site of choice. The reason i got the infection is because i was in to far on my dealt an went to fast knew it was gonna happen for the mussel couldn't take the full ml (1ml is max for that always anything more goes in the back door ) It isn't the gear been on the same bottles for 3 weeks. Was leakage or something went wrong.

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    1ml isnt alot. Your muscle should have taken it. Just because u used thst vial before doesnt mean u didnt make a mistake somewhere. If the doc didnt bother with draining, your body will heal it.

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