hey team, first time oral reporting in, ive done a few intramuscular cycles but never an oral. i mainly doing it to simply have a first hand opinion. the cycle is of:
40 dbol ed 5wks
50 var ed 6wks
600 mg test e weekly entire 12wks
arimidex eod

My stats
10 to 12 bf
26 ys
cycle experience

now if you would assume my cycle support is on point,( every supp/herb on the best dosage) and i have a perfectly healthy liver and heart however sprint train daily what would you recommend my order of operation is if im running the test e at 600mg for 12 weeks?
should i dbol 40mg ed for weeks 1-5 the var 50 mg out or can i get away with dbol and var stack in the beginning then run test e for the other 6 weeks?