Hey so i noticed that everyone on here keeps everyone posted on almost everything so i thought i would just do a little shout out on some bunk gear i got last cycle. I finally said the hell with it I'm gonna step up to a Tren -E__Test-E kick start it with Dballs to get bk into it so i started everything was from same lab i run a Test Deca cycle before this had good results.To make a long story short i was on was on my 8th week an was losing not gaining i had no night sweats no nothing off the tren i then contacted some people an started to get on them about this an I'm not the first to question about it.

SO the lab was Almere an I'm not gonna sit here an run it down because like i said had good results off the Test E an Deca and no one i know have had any Infection problems so everything seems VERY clean but from what we are hearing their Tren and EQ was not what it was said to be seemed like it was just oil. Just though i would through it out there an see if anyone has heard anything about this lab or even heard of it. Product of the Nethrlands.

I'm not out to offend anyone or the lab just trying to get some solid info for this is going inside people and its not a game we all should know.