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    Question Please help. Reoccurring problem with gear.

    Hey guys!!! This is my 4th cycle of this stack

    Supratest400 800mg/wk 1-16
    Deca 600mg/wk 1-14
    EQ 750mg/wk 1-14
    Dbol 30mg daily 1-5
    Nolva 10mg daily 1-16 weeks

    195 lbs.

    Daily: 3500 cals / 405g carbs / 270g protein / 100-120g fat

    My issue is I always seem to lose "fullness" the last month of my cycle. I am generally a hard gainer with a smaller frame, so the puffy full look brings a lot of confidence for me. However, I always lose that look and lean out quite a bit. I'm always bulking and being lean isn't really my goal.

    So my questions are: Is the EQ kicking in at the end of my cycle dropping my water weight making me look leaner? Is my nutritional ratios screwed? Is there better gear for my goals? Any other help or comments are appreciated. I tried to add two pictures. 1 bathroom selfie at 5 weeks "full" and one 12 weeks "leaner"

    Please help. Reoccurring problem with gear.-gains.jpgPlease help. Reoccurring problem with gear.-lose.jpg
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    My guess is the d-Bol bloats you and you lose this bloat weeks later.

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    Have you taken a bf measurement at week 5 and at week 16?

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    Switch the nolva to AI, it's way better

    As for the bloat, ya it's very possible that it's from dbol

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