Iím 35, Weigh 90kg, and am between 11-12% BF.

Iím currently on Dr. prescribed TRT running 165mg of test E / week and doing 6.25mg of Exemestane EOD as I am prone to high estrogen.

I have my wedding and honeymoon in 18 weeks

Leaving my TRT test dose the same I am considering doing an 8 week cycle of NPP run at 400mg / week, which is 2mg / pound of bodyweight for me. After the 8 weeks I would hope to be under 10%BF where I will add Masteron at week 5 450mg / week and run it for 8 weeks. Iíll be running Aromasin at 12.5mg/ day all the way through. Then it is back to just being on TRT.

The reason Iím writing this is because I want opinions on the plan, as well as feedback on the NPP and potential progesterone side effects as it is a 19-nor. Iíve run Tren before and I canít ever run it again. It causes my body to severely cramp during exercise, and I tore my hamstring in each leg both times I tried. Tren cramps suck, and it doesnít matter how much I hydrate. It gets to the point that my shins cramp when I walk and I have to stop. I never got that with Deca , and I never experienced any progesterone sides with either as I always ran them with test and keep my estrogen in check with Aromasin.

The questions I have are:

1. If running my TRT does, 165mg/week is it still possible that I could experience sexual side effects running NPP at 400mg/week for the 8 weeks? Iím on TRT and I remember having no libido and ED before I started TRT. I donít ever want to go back there. I also believe adding a DHT derivative like masteron is beneficial as I have read that Nandrolone can cause DHT depletion. Masteron is good for the sex drive as well.

2. Is it OK to keep my test at the TRT dose (165mg/ week). I donít see a need to raise it, and it is the dose that I feel good at. I want to control estrogen so is 12.5mg of Aromasin going to be enough. I reckon that the masteron will help regulate estrogen as well.

Answers, thoughts and opinions welcome