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    first tren cycle - inputs appreciated

    i've done some research and here's where i'm at for my third cycle:

    goal: build lean muscle (gain muscle mass maintain or slightly reduce bf)

    w1-8: 100 mg tren a eod
    w1-9: 70 mg test p eod
    w1-9: 2x0.25 mg anastrozole
    w1-8: 2x0.25 mg caber

    i'm on trt so will go back on 2x100mg/w test cyp at week 10.

    stats: 52, 6'2", 230 lbs, ~10% bf by pictures (~5% by xrd).

    inputs appreciated!

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    I think it looks good and mild for a first Tren cycle(I mean compared to most people's first Tren cycle where they want to run like 700mgs wkly) ... And though I haven't run it yet, I would think about this type of dosing for my first as well! If you can handle it you can always titrate little at a time either way, or just stick w/your original plan!

    Either way it looks good! You know your body better than us(regarding AI protocol/abd HCG if you use it(w/your TRT protocol)...

    Good luck and j think you'll be happy w/the results especially w/those stats!
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    Amazing stats at your age man keep it going and remind me next time I am in Boston not to cross you path.
    the only think I would change is drop tren down to 75mg eod that should be plenty and should keep sides at bay.
    Good luck with it and keep us posted

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