Hi guys have been reading and learning from this forum for ages before I registered, great place friendly members, I've learned heaps over the years have to say thanks guys.

Before I start my questions I might just tell you guys a bit about my situations so you guys can help me out better I'll try to keep the story short

I'm 34 y/o have been training roughly for 3 years. I'm 175cm(5"9) defiantly endomorph body type, before I started training I weight 105kg(230lbs) I'll say probably 35%-40% body fat . after 4-5 month of cardio and diet I lost 27kg(60lbs) body fat was down to 20%-25%, and then I started focusing on lifting weight, I train 6 days a week 1.5 hours weight and 30 mins cardio. muscle gain was a little to none, fat lose was stuck at 20%-25% my diet was clean mostly rice,chicken breast, fish and vegetables. strength wasn't too bad, after 1.5 year of training I squat 140kg (308lbs)X2 and bench 120kg(264lbs)X2 deadlift 200kg(440lbs)X2 but there is no obvious muscle gain whatsoever, felt like shit after all the time, can't sleep can't recover deeply depressed lack of all energy, that's when I started reading and learning about hormones, I thought my test level might be low

The first time I saw my BW was shocking, my test was 8.6nmo/L(247.8ng/dl) but the GP told me I'm normal, she said as long as above 8.1nmo/L (233.4) I'm with in the normal range, but I insist that she refer me to a physician. After my second blood work from the physician, the result was even worse total test 7.8(224) free test was 175pmo/l, prolactin was 600mIu/L All other hormones are with in the midd normal range LH TSH etc. the doctor prescribed me 8 weeks of caber at .5mg per week. After six month everything was back to normal but unfortunately my test is around 18nmo/L(500ng/dL) range, I guess this is what it is.

After taking the caber I do feel better, but not great tho, I back down my training from 6 days to 4, energy is swinging someday are good some days are shit. Muscle gain is improving but very very slowly, chest, shoulders are the slowest for me, strength is improving,deadlift 220kg(485lbs)X2, squat squat 180kg(396lbs)X2, leg press 400kg(881lbs)8-10 reps bench press the as before but can do 4 reps instead of 2. I train hard, very hard.

Recently another anti ageing doctor prescribed me test e at 250mg a week and Anavar 40mg ed. I haven't started yet coz I want to save it for a 12 weeks cycle at 500mg/week

Here are my questions guys

1. I know it's proper to do test only for first cycle, but the doctor said is fine to take Anavar at a low does along with test. What u guys think?

2. My natural testosterone is pretty ****ed up for building muscles, if I do a 12 weeks cycle and take 18 weeks off after pct am I going to lose 100% of all my gain from the cycle? Is it safe if I stay off less time and start my second cycle as long as my test level is recovered? ( I know most ppl probably wouldn't recommend but I'm just afraid I'll lose all of it)

3. The anti ageing doctor said she can prescribe me HGH or peptide if I want for fat lose, should I get it? If so, should I use it with test or after pct? The doctor said the HGH is is safe to use it 3-6 month straight no problem.

This is what I'm thinking for my first cycle

Week 1-12 test e 500mg/week 250mg every 3.5 days

Week 7-12 40mg Anavar ed

Week 1 to 3 days before PCT HCG 500iu everyweek 250iu every 3.5 days. If I can only get 5000iu can I start the HCG at week 4?

Week 1-14 aromasin 25mg eod ( if I can't get enough is it ok with 25mg every 3 days)

Week 15-18 PCT clomid 75 50 50 50 nolvadex 40 20 20 20

Thank you for reading guys, very much appreciated!