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    blasting and cruising on TRT

    so... general question for those on trt. i understand normal protocol is time on + recovery = time off. for those of us on trt, is our protocol time on (blast) = time off (cruise)? if so, what are the lengths of various cycles used... 8, 10, 12, 14, ??? weeks?

    i've just started my first tren cycle (test p at trt + 350 mg/w tren a, pinned eod) and am planning on 8 weeks, but am wondering about cycling later this year after recovery.

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    blood work is a good way to see the recovery ,cbc rbc etc. i'm not a trt expert but i think for those guys on trt shorter cycles are healthier. well you are on trt so do shorter cycles but more of them. there is no worries about hpta so you can run shorter cycles more often.

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    Hey bartman,

    I haven't srarted TRT(yet... But found I am primary) so if I were to blast... I would use the standard 12 wk or shorter... Like stated above you will be able to recover faster(but that's not really an issue w/TRT patients as they just go back to their protocol...
    With that said I think it would be at least time on but there's no PCT involved... So I'm thinking that shorter(maybe a lil higher dosage wise but shorter cycles will yield greater results(& w/your stats - very impressive to say the least - I really think you'll get great results on shorter cycles(from my experience I've always grew the most between wks 1-8 then it gets harder to gain but easier to drop bf imo... GL on your blast!

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    Twice a year.

    Presumably you'll get blood work every 6 months. Plan your blasts to start right after you get your results back. Gives you plenty of recovery time.

    Also, I've heard being on trt, we'll retain more lbm post cycle. Since our test never crashes/ fluctuates or whatever.

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    Pretty much all of the above is correct.

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    Prolly the most informative thread on blasting and cruising on here hope it helps answer your questions

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