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Thread: t prop tren a

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    t prop tren a

    Does the prop need to be run for 2 weeks after you stop the ace? And if so why? Thanks guys,

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    No finish the Ace ONE week before the Prop to make sure it's out of your system... Then PCT Three days after last Prop injection...
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    Theoretically no... B/c they both clear in 3 days... With that said I would always run my test a wk(at least w/Tren a) or two(not needed w/Tren a)....Not so much w/the Tren a(but any time I would run a 19nor(deca /tren e) or a long ester attached to a decanate(Deca)/undecyclate(Bold) ester... For example you'd want to keep running test for at least two wks to keep bloods stable longer while they clear...

    Those clearance times are 18-21 days depending on metabolism(but just go w/the regular clearance time for any compound - unless you know your body better(but it's splitting hairs really)...
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    You don't need to run a full week of prop after you stop tren a as the Esther's will be clearing at the same time but many do run prop a week longer. I used to pin the prop a half a week extra then start pct three days later.

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