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Thread: Cardiomyopathy??

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    Has anybody here been diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy? And used AAS???
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    Can anybody help me plz? Any knowledge regarding taking anything w heart problems?

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    Hi there, welcome aboard.

    1. No personal experiences with Cardiomyopathy and AAS, but;
    a. I'd be inclined to defer this question to your Cardiologist, Hematologist and/or Endocrinologist (if you have one).
    b. You can broach/research this subject by discussing hormone replacement therapy and cardiomyopathy - basically you're focused on data for your condition and AAS in controlled studies with pharmacy grade AAS.

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    I have never heard of it causing heart problems but I have heard of people discovering they have a heart condition after going on HRT or cycle. It's only because they are putting more stress on their heart, making it work harder than usual and then the symptoms appear.

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    Long time lurker, joined just to answer this question.

    I was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy about 5 years ago, before touching AAS.
    My doctor and cardiologist asked me repeatedly if I had used AAS due to my size ( I did very well natural, and took it as a compliment)

    It was explained to me that it's very common for the heart to thicken in those who workout hard.
    It was compounded by years of high blood pressure I was not even aware I had, 199/98

    After a life time of healthy eating and workouts I felt cheated that my internal system was worse than the local slob that eats daily McDonalds and Can't see his own feet. So I decided to go on cycle, I'd been accused so often, and doing all the right things didn't seem to be doing much for my health, so what the hell!

    I have 6 monthly heart scans, and since controlling the blood pressure with medication my scans have shown no further thickening of my heart even after 5 years (10 cycles)
    So in my case I can categorically say that AAS has not worsened my cardiomyopathy, and I will continue to cycle until results show otherwise.
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    Steroids and heavy lifting will certainly worsen cardiomyopathy (which is just pathological enlargement of the heart).

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