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    Confused about endurance athlete juice/stacks.

    Me 230# 5'10" Shrek build. Always been good at lifting not so hot on cardio (running) events.
    I have many beginner and advanced mass & cutting cycles under my belt.

    New frontier:
    Since I never have had the genetic gifting for being a cardio/endurance athlete.... I want what I don't have. So I'm training for a 10K run race and want to try a half Marathon before the year is out.

    I did lots of juice research on what endurance athletes use and had it all straight in my head. I was informed, had put in my time and done my home work.


    I started reading forum posts about what endurance 'letes should use. Everything was/is seemingly conflicting. Many use Winny many say Winny is not so hot. On & on. Seems like the only thing 'Folk agree on is light T and some EQ for the RBC boost.


    That recommendation is for the ultra-endurance 'letes who want MINIMAL body weight etc for extreme long runs. I'm not in that category.

    I'm built to be a lifter, I am a lifter & always will be a lifter. I don't want to lose my bulk or my weight. I don't care if I come in last in the 10K run, half marathon
    or maybe even full marathon. I just want to finish and finish strong.

    So having clarified all that...... All I know to stack for now is T and EQ.

    Anyone? Anyone??

    Thanks in advance!

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    Endurance in athletes is all about oxygen delivery. Hence the use of AAS that increase RBC. A competitive cyclist i know who didn't want to go the route of EPO or blood doping, ran a very simple 250mg test/350mg eq per week for 14 weeks. (non tested competition ofcourse).
    I'm pretty lucky. I live at about 3000ft elevation and where i do half my training is at 4000ft+ Altitude training also increases RBC.

    If you want to run marathons the more important factor is understanding the order of energy your body uses.
    1. ATP chemical energy requiring no oxygen. Used up quickly
    2. Glycogen (aka carbs, glucose, sugar) stored in the liver.
    3. Fat (ketones)

    The transition from carbs to fat is one that all marathon runners know and call hitting the wall. Your body wants to quit, everything in you is saying stop. Its practicing going past this point that makes a good endurance athlete.

    Just my $.02

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    Thanks Scotty.

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    For your objectives you dont need any AAS, in fact even 250mgs/week of test can add extra weight to you when you already over weight.

    If you were competitive runner, test or eq in low dosages could help in the training and recovery, but if just want to finish all it takes is determination and stamina, which in running are more mental than physical.

    Try and lose some weight, 230lbs is hard on your knees.

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