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    Hi there,
    Just wondering if anyone had any advice on what products to purchase from this site for a fitness model look? ( 7-9% bf nice mass etc )
    Have Been training for around 3 years , have always been active and into sports , started gym seriously about a year ago , I'm around 12-13% bf and have okay size - 6ft1 around 168lbs I've been keeping my diet in check for the past few months , meal preps etc , and go to the gym 4x a week, I take whey protein and multivits at the moment and have taken bca's and also tried a pro hormone supplement for 3 weeks ( black stone labs tren ) gave me a lower bf and also became more vascular , I'm quite health conscious so didn't want to stay on a pro hormone for to long - due to reviews on the product , if anyone could recommend a stack for an active 20 yr old with minimal side effects and good results I'll be grateful! Thanks a lot

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    I would say just go with the cutting stack, they put it together that way with your goals in mind. I have not used that stack personally but have not heard anything bad from those who have. Always top quality products from Anabolic .com Best place to get aas alternatives any day.

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