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    Need Advice

    Hi guys,
    im on a 1g test e, 200mg tren e and 50-100mg Mast e cycle (0.4ml letro ED since im E2 sensitive, 250iu hcg 2x a week, 2mg caber EW, 3mg Cilias on workout days only before workout by 30 mins)

    now everything was fine for the first 7 weeks and now my bp is starting to be out of control and decided to stop all injections. fyi in one of my past cycles i did try low test and high tren and it wasnt friendly to me (eg 100mg test e and 500mg tren e) and my estradial went high really quick so i figured that im extremely tren sensitive.

    i did blood work:
    dht: +2500 (600-900)
    estradial: 178 (11-44) (the test didnt say E2 but i think its the same thing)
    progesterone: 0.3 (0.1-0.2)

    i did another test after taking 1ml of letro ED for 5 days and it seems estrogen doesnt want to get lowered and even noticed the longer i stay on letro with that dose the higher my bp goes. another thing i noticed whenever i take NO and after completing a workout my BP goes down to almost normal for like 30-60 mins then it goes back to being high. if i need to do further blood work which tests should i do? im still energized and dont feel sick, but i usually do a safe move and monitor my bp on daily basis and i know when it starts to get out of range and if i dont do anything about then bp could go up to 178/100 in a couple of days or even a week like what happened in the past cycle i had 2 yrs back. from my past cycles my PSA levels are good when i take test e, tren e or even mast e.

    1- could increased DHT cause this increase in blood pressure
    2- should i do an androstenedione blood test?
    3- should i increase the Mast E dose? or should i try lowering DHT by using dutasteride?
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    I would say the BP is from the E2.

    How about trying some arimidex ?

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    i tried arimidex in the past and it skews my cholesterol levels while Aromasin doesnt, but aromasin isnt strong enough for me as im E2 sensitive, after 2-4 cycles under my belt decided to take letro as my main AI for all my cycles with moderate dosages and found out from blood work in the past that 0.4mg daily with the cycle above is sufficient. i did miss a few mast e shots this cycle as i noticed my dht levels went sky high (+2500, so its definitely more by now as the test machine cant read above 2500) and every time i test dht during cycle its been always +2500 so i missed a few Mast E shots because high levels of DHT worried me. im on aromasin right now so im worried if its something else why letro couldnt lower estrogen? i know the AI i have is legit and im going to check my hemocrit and RBC today and estradiol again. all the gear above was homebrewed by me so im starting to think that the tren e i did is a bit overdosed.
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    as an update i decided to donate blood for the first time in my life and BP is lower than yesterday but its still a little bit higher than normal. i did take aspirin in the morning and i have to wait for a couple of days to see where my BP maintains.

    any thoughts why letro couldn't lower my estrogen? im on my 7th week of the cycle and this the time when i see the sides from the test/tren . is it possible that DHT was saturated and estrogen converted though another enzyme?

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