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    keeping them gains after cycle

    So what I would like to know is what's the best things to do whilst cycling to keep size after cycle obviously pct, diet etc. But what is the Secret behind it?

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    There isn't one. Those with the 'secret' are just full of it. A good PCT, plenty of protein, carbs & food in general (healthy as you can) from waking right till you hit the pillow again. Train for size as well. Bodybuilding is different to powerlifting or the sport of weightlifting. If your on 6 - 8 reps, for 2 or 3 sets up it. 10 to 14 reps for 3 to 5 sets. Do muscle burn outs at the end of training a muscle. Lower the weight a bit to increase reps/sets.
    Always remember, the only secrete is TRUE hard work and Determination.

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