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    anabolic side effects - visions

    u guys have quite a bit have visions of feeling being under pressure when using steroids ?
    i have a punch of f***** visions like for example: i feel think the most time of how the womens n children must have felt in the time of hitlers SS or the allergens when they come n rape them! being weak being helpless not able to escape to see how your brother or your sister or parents or your girlfriend your own childrens... get rape u get rape in front of them with a pistol gun in your/their mouth n get raped... everytime i think of this i start hating humans i start to inject more of anything i can find thats why i take STEROIDS i wanna push myself to the limit i inject instead of 600mgs deca weekly 600mgs deca daily... even if it kills me, i dont care bout it helpless human died under more pressure of violance if i die under toxic i dont care i will beat it i will beat n exceed the limits of natures rules! if this planet is giving strenght to those motherf****** to f*** the helpless innocents especially womens n children... i will show this planet my rules... i let myself bite of this black widow spider its a craetion of this planet n im anti-planet-f*****earth... i ll suck that shit off my blood n even if i die im not gonna die... the power of spirits will is infinite n immortal... so thats quite one of my illusions halusinations imaginations of feelings i get of when taking steroids... i love it cus it highly increases my psychosis...

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    Are you f*cked lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by altered genetics View Post
    Are you f*cked lol
    Ignore the troll.

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    Wtf lol

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    I don't think you should be cycling...

    I'd see a doc(preferably a psychologist/psychiatrist) to see what's going on in that head of yours?! Might want to get a CT-Scan why your at it to be safe...

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