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Thread: Test P Cycle

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    Test P Cycle

    I am 35yrs old am currently using Test P only for my first time and into it 31 days today and I pin 100mg eod. I know this stuff is not fake but I really not getting much out of it? every so often I may have a workout that feels ok but nothing really out of ordinary etc. Over all I don't feel I have more drive than I am without really. I was just curious if 100mg eod is too little and I should bump it up to 125-150mg eod?

    This is my 2nd cycle I have done in my life but when I was 30 I tried 250mg of Test E and 250mg of Deca 1 time every 7 days for 12 weeks and that really gave me great results! I really felt that working.
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    Have you had Blood work? the only way to know for sure your gear is good to go. Unless you have some CSI type equipment laying around.

    I wouldn't bump up anything. If the gear is crap then there's no point in taking more.

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    X2 ^^ blood work it's the only way to see what's going on.

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    No I have not had blood work done (But I agree with you its only way to really know for sure) I would have liked to but the expense going to a doctor is out of the question.
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    private md (no spaces) You don't need to go to the doc. Just order the test(s) online, then go to a lab to draw blood.
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    BW, and ^^^ is what most use....

    Plus never tell your doc anything about AAS/which is illegal anything to that affect as it will follow and haunt you the rest of your life, not to mention types of jobs you'd be denied as well... Just food for thought
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    Are you taking an ai? Something to control the e2?

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