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Thread: Hard, vascular and grainy - summer is comming

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    Hard, vascular and grainy - summer is comming


    We know... summer is coming :-D For a lot of us it's time to get shredded with hard, vascular and grainy muscles look. What are Your plans for Your peak time ( vacation etc. )? Your Top 3/4 compounds to run through the June/July/August?

    My stack which i will run:

    16 weeks

    500mg Test E week
    500mg Tren E week
    500mg Mast E week
    50mg Winny or Var daily ( last 6-8 weeks )

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    Although I like to be as lean as possible for summer, that doesn't change much for me in winter either. I don't diet according to seasons. Hell, I haven't gone on a proper cut for a couple years now. I just eat about 500-800 CLEAN calories over TDEE, and I never really have a problem with staying at around 12% bodyfat. Sure, I'd like to be around 8% and maybe one day I'll strive for that, but for now, I'm focused on gaining. Especially since it's a lot harder for me to pack on muscle than it is for me to lose fat. That being said, my next cycle, which I'll start in 4-5 weeks is as follows:

    1-14 Test Prop @ 175mg/EOD
    1-14 NPP @ 150mg/EOD
    7-14 Anavar @ 100mg/ED
    1-14 HCG @ 500iu/week
    **1-14 Aromasin @ 25mg/day


    15-20 Nolva @ 60/40/40/20/20/20
    15-18 Toremifene @ 120/90/60/60
    DAA @ 3grams/day

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    I'm on my 6 th week, test e 500mg

    9 weeks to a river Vaca. My last 8 weeks of the cycle will be a pretty hard cut. Hoping to get down to 10% but I've got a LONG way to go for that. I'd be happy at 12%.

    I have considered adding low dose tren -a.. but I Don't know that I'm ready to hop on that train

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    Summer's coming? Crap. Too late for me then.
    -*- NO SOURCE CHECKS -*-

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    Getting madcow treatments
    I thought this was a thread about my dick....shit.
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    Will continue bulking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RA View Post
    I thought this was a thread about my dick....shit.
    Your dick's name is 'Summer'? Lol!

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