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    Test 250 deca and dbol

    I'm 32 6ft male 13 stone , I've trained on and off most of my life mainly cardio due to being a boxer I've done a few courses of test only and test and deca when I was about 25 years old but nothing major and only short courses because I didn't really stick to it and I was clueless , anyways a few years on I've decided to start a new course of test 500 mg a week and deca 400 mg a week and 40 mg of dbol daily for the first four weeks , I have clomid and nova for when i come off my cycle . I'm in week three of my cycle and the last few days I've been getting a funny pins and needles feeling in my left arm and hand on and off not continuously . I suffer from generalized anxiety so I'm thinking this could maybe in my head and have a silly thoughts of having a heart attack not just off steroids it's just a condition of my anxiety but I can't let it beat me , I'm just wondering if this is a common side effect and am I ok taking diazepam to calm me
    Down whilst on my cycle I do take these regularly for my anxiety ? Thanks a lot ste

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    In my experience, pins and needles aren't really a side effect of using steroids , you more than likely slept awkwardly on it lol. If you are susceptible to anxiety, I'd suggest backing off the dbol . While I like what dbol does, it makes me feel pretty weird and uncomfortable at times especially in the hour or two just after taking it. I found spreading my dose out during the day, 10mg 4 times a day helped. I hope you are using an AI and some form of anti prolactin throughout this cycle? Diazepam is not going to help your cycle, but I don't think there are any interactions to worry about, best to not use it or keep it at a minimum.

    I'm not an expert, but this is my thoughts on your post.

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    ^^^^ anxiety in some people, especially those that already suffer from some pre-existing form, can def. be caused/raised by using steroids . Taking your prescribed dose of Valium won't harm your cycle any unless you sleep through your work out time !

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