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    Cycle dilemma /PCT

    Hi guys,

    New to the forum but not overly new to cycling. I do know that this will no doubt bring some of the "orals only are pointless" comments and haters out of the woodwork, however I have cycled before with results I am happy with - which is my aim. I digress.

    Basically, my PCT pack has been lost. I have 65 pills of Pro Rip, more than enough for a month cycle. I was to cycle Pro Rip (25mg Winny /25mg Var per pill) at two pills per day, split twelve hours apart, with Pct consisting of Clomid and some Pro PCT that I had to hand from a previous cycle. I also have 40 pills Winny (10mg) from a previous cycle laying around handy. So here is my dilemma.

    I have at least four weeks, and possibly up to six weeks before I make it back to the civilized world where I will then be able to get my hands on some new product for PCT. I won't disclose where I am, however trust me when I say it is impossible for me to get a hold of.

    So with six weeks being the longest period likely I will go, what are people's suggestions? Here are a few of mine, any input I'd appreciate:

    1. Wait two weeks, then begin a four week cycle as planned which will then run either just to the very end of this job I'm on, or run into my time home where I can buy product.

    2. Do two week cycles off and on for the six week period? I hear mixed views on this regarding avoiding a hard shut down...

    3. Begin a six week cycle from now, either splitting the Pro Rip into one a day, and using a 10mg Winny tab as my second dose so that the Pro Rip will last six weeks

    4. Start a six week cycle from now, using winny tabs for the first and last week, and using Pro Rip for the middle four weeks, thus allowing me to get my hands on Nolva/clomid towards the end of my cycle at home.

    There are many more suggestions, with the obvious one being DO NOT RUN IT. However I am now into my fifth week off cycle having previously run a similar to the above, with PCT , and I am keen to stick to what I set out to do here over this three month period of work I have.

    Please, thoughts on a post card.

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    Not the way to post my man, you already know you are going about things wrong and I don't see anyone telling you otherwise. And if that Pro Rip is a pro hormone you are asking for BIG problems running that crap with steroids im probley wasting my time because it sounds like you know it all. so Ill just say remember what everyone told you when you are older an you doc tells you your natty hormones are f***d.

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