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    Cycle and idea critiques

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    Quote Originally Posted by broscience232x View Post
    My stats

    BW 210 lbs
    Age-25 years old

    I have a couple of cycles under my belt and tried different combinations and want advise on this cycle. The goal is to put on lean muscle and not really put on any body fat at all. I'm not looking to get as big as possible just put on lean quality muscle and I dont care about the water retention, just as long as my bf doesnt shoot up because I worked pretty hard over the years to bring it down from over 20%.


    weeks 1-8

    test prop 850 mgs a week (split into injections EOD)

    weeks 1-5

    Dianabol 40 mg ED

    Weeks 1-8

    Arimidex 1mg EOD

    Weeks 1-8

    HCG 500 IU's (250 IU's bi weekly)

    Nolva 40/40/20/20
    Clomid 50/50/50/50

    Have Letro on hand if needed.

    My HCG might vary depending on how I feel becuase I do plan on running the test higher than usually so i might increase the HCG. The reason I wanted to try upping the dose of the prop as opposed to doing a lower dose but add in more compounds is because I noticed I dont respond to AAS as well as others (at least as well as my friends), as in the side effects are minimal but so are the results (at least at lower doses) and this is coming from someone who has used Pharma grade Tren at 350 mgs a week along with test prop and mast. I want opinions on this cycle. I might also throw in some peps (not sure) like IGF, GHRP-2, and CJC and I was thinking of reverse dieting from 150 carbs a day into the cycle and continue upping the carbs slowly throughout so I dont put on BF and continue on increasing my metabolism.
    You have a pretty good idea of cycling, just not the compounds. High test and Dbol will fill you with water. Not really a lean bulk.

    I would run Test Prop at a 2:1 with Tren Ace.
    1-12 Prop 50mg ED
    1-8 Tren Ace 100mg ED
    1-12 HCG 250iu twice a week
    1-12 Caber .25mg twice a week
    Keep an AI on hand.
    If your going to use peptides, use GHRP-6 with CJC instead. 5x's a day. That will keep you hungry on Tren.

    See how you respond to that
    Pharma grade Tren?? Was that Hex?
    Increasing HCG because of higher Test will do nothing more than it will do at 250iu twice a week.
    210 at 12%? Sounds like you respond well. Unless you were already swole. Depending on your height also.

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