Hey everyone, hope all is well...
Haven't been on board for a long time now, dealing with the other half and work...
Anyways my question to you guys is;

Obviously in the past I've injected both ED, and when I couldn't deal with it early on I liked EOD.

Now the tricky part is.. due to what i do for work i cannot inject saturday/sunday,
so i have been injecting MON/WED/FRI/MON/WED/FRI,

As time passes short esters obviously leave the body, and what do you guys think i should do to somehow fix this weekend thing? P.S The hormonal thing doesn't really affect me much, as I do not get any sides... only a bit hot..

E.g working out on Mondays i feel flat and not really much of a serious pump..
Furthermore do you guys think there is a preferred time to inject?
I normally love doing night time, but due to the short esters, would it be more beneficial to continue doing it in the morning, as myself i feel it kick in, about 10 hours after injection.

P.S mon/wed/fri - test p 150mcg/ tren 100mcg.

Regards Jayden.