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    Lightbulb 2nd half of 1st ever cycle - additional test, cycle support, and PCT

    guys - this is going to be a lengthy post, in which I'm definitely cementing my newbie status, but i want to finish this first cycle right and will appreciate any and all comments you may have, be they criticism or query or whatever.

    anyway, i am in the middle of my first ever cycle, a simple double stack that was billed to me as a 'beginners cutting cycle' and is 8 weeks long, consisting of:

    test propionate
    week 1 300mg
    week 2 300mg
    week 3 200mg
    week 4 200mg

    boldenone (equi)
    week 1 400mg
    week 2 400mg
    week 3 600mg
    week 4 600mg

    winstrol (oral)
    week 5 40mg/day
    week 6 50mg/day
    week 7 60mg/day
    week 8 60mg/day

    week 5 200mg
    week 6 300mg
    week 7 300mg
    week 8 200mg

    i'm 32 years old, 6'2, and have been lifting for a few years on and off. low 200s on weight at the start of the cycle. i generally cycle between periods of cardio and weights in terms of my lifestyle, and prior to starting the cycle i was logging some serious miles (20+ per week) jogging. immediately prior to the cycle i started back into lifting again, and a couple of weeks back into weight training i began with the test and bold.

    my goal in this cycle has been to build up some lean muscle mass, maybe 10-12 lbs, but then cut down my belly fat. i'm probably 14-15% bf right now, and would like to take it down nearer to 10% and rediscover my six pack.

    since i started this cycle have moved up from about 203-5 to 208-210 lbs with some very nice visible gains in my muscles. my body has responded very well to the test and bold without many side effects, with the exception of 2-3 instances of night sweats. nothing at all major. strength and recovery in the gym have been great, and gains in strength have been visible. i could be eating better in terms of: (1) specific ratios of protein v fat v carbs; (2) overall calorie and protein intake [at best i'm getting in about 150-175g of protein, and feel totally stuffed after 6 small meals]; as well as (3) drinking more water [i got to 200 oz once but it really takes a concerted effort and an egg timer]. but i mention all of this in the context of being very happy with my progress so far even while being imperfect on the food/water intake. have been pretty good on the vitamins and nutrition but sleep has not been ideal - 7-8 hours nightly when i should probably be getting 9+..

    my training regimen has been one day on and one day off, so 4 out of every eight days in the gym, focusing on max weight in 2-3 simple exercises targeting the main muscles in a group. chest and bis on day 1, shoulders and tris day 3, thighs day 5, back and calves day 7. after extensive and increasing warmups, i do 2-3 exercises per muscle group, 2-3 sets of either 6-8 or 8-10 reps. it's been working out pretty well, and i've had some fairly dramatic gains from week to week in terms of strength.

    i'm currently a few days from starting the winstrol and tren and i know these are generally going to have more intense side effects but also more dramatic androgenic and anabolic effects. anyway, in this phase i am looking to batten down the hatches so i can get the most out of these next 4-5 weeks. so i will be going harder and longer in the gym, cutting out alcohol completely (i have been allowing myself a few glasses of wine a couple of evenings per week), eating right, getting that water intake to 200 oz/day, and getting my sleep right. beyond that i haven't done much cardio, whereas now i plan to follow up every workout with 30-60 minutes of cardio (on the cardio front, is the best time first thing in the morning on an empty stomach or after the workout? and i've read that keeping my heart rate between 120-145bpm is important - is that crucial, because usually when i run my bpms are higher than that, 150-170. if so i will slow down).

    so finally i roll around to the substance of my question: in wanting to guard against the potential side effects of this combination i have gone out and bought a number of cycle support and PCT options to utilize over the next 8 weeks (last 4 weeks of active cycle, then the 4 weeks immediately following the cycle for PCT).

    there are tons of conflicting opinions about all of this, which has led me to purchase possibly too much stuff, and i don't want to overload my body with all of these chemicals if i can help it. hopefully because of the short nature of the cycle and my body's very good response thus far, i won't have many sides. but there will inevitably be some effects (like testicular atrophy and stopped natural testosterone production) that i want to (a) guard against and (b) be able to bounce back quickly and effectively from after the termination of the cycle, while keeping my gains.

    **I've also picked up a few other things that will aid in either the last few weeks or after i finish the above cycle, specifically when it comes to reaching my fat cutting goals. i don't need to be shredded but if the cycle hasn't done enough towards the end i wanted to supplement the tail end and go through weeks 9 and 10 and maybe 11 with a combination that will take me the rest of the way. (namely, clenbuterol and T3) i don't want to go past 11 weeks total because i'm going on vacation for a few weeks and just want to relax.

    ****and I've picked up some extra test (cypionate ) because pretty much everyone out there recommends taking it alongside trenbolone, and i figured i would add this to the stack a week or two in, or at some point during week 5 or 6, so as to prevent the sides. strongly leaning towards stacking this with the other two, but this 1-2 weeks extra time would allow me to see how i respond just to the winstrol and tren on their own. this is my thinking at least... is it sound? (i also imagined i could keep the test going for a couple of weeks after the winstrol and tren cycles were over, and then gradually decrease the intake so as not to come off the cycle all at once.) finally with the test, i've heard it can mitigate the decreased cardio effects of tren to a large degree, and i've read the same for cardarine...


    so anyway: in the list below is all the stuff i have to play with... would appreciate any and all thoughts about how/when to utilize (during second half of cycle, towards the end, or a few days / week after the last injections take their course..?), if at all:

    +Cytover T3 (liothyronine sodium)
    +Maxi-Fen (Nolvadex )
    +TUDCA - liver support
    +Ostapure (Ostarine, SARM) - i bought this legally on amazon, is this legit?? heard this is best for maintenance of muscle mass, especially while cutting.
    +Cycle Support (Iron Labs) - protection & liver assist (i think i read that i needed N2Guard, and this was the product that came up. is that correct?)


    I have a few questions directly related to the above:

    - Am i missing anything important that i will definitely need to think about?

    - Should i also have Cardarine (GW-501516) in addition to the ostarine?? heard it's great for endurance (fighting the ill effects of tren) and simultaneous fat loss. is it the best option, and if so, when in the cycle or after?

    - What about HCG ? if so, when?

    - Thought I had an anti-prolactin here already, but if not do i need cabergoline/dostinex?

    - and concerning libido/impotence during the tren cycle... assuming i wanted to take something during, what would be a good one? (i've heard of HCGenerate..)
    and assuming i didn't take anything during (except for the test) but wanted to bounce back quickly, what are my best options?


    finally, and in furtherance of the point above about continuing to take test after the 8 weeks of this cycle run out, what should i be prepared for in the gym once i do roll off all of the steroids ? i expect some depression and lethargy and less strength, but i'm keen to hear your opinions on how to go about this crucial period.

    obviously a lot of questions, and i know all of this differs with respect to the body and genetics of the person using the steroids, but beyond taking it slow and feeling it out i want a good guideline that keeps the chemicals to a minimum while also protecting, in order: my organs, muscle gains, fat loss, energy, and mood.


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    Unfortunately you have accumulated a lot of bad information for this cycle.

    EQ for 4 weeks?
    Tren and Winny w/o a test base??? no offense but this is a train wreck.

    First cycle should be test only, with an AI and hCG during cycle with a proper pct consisting of Clomid and Nolva.

    I'd say scrap what you have planned start here:
    That thread has absolutely the best info, I've done whats laid out in that post twice with great success and recovery.

    I highly recommend reading through it more than once and come back with any Q's you might have.

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    Yeah that was a long thread.But that is a bad cycle and not a beginners cycle of any type.Test only for beginners.Read our stickys bro this will help you.Sorry to see you got bad advice.

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    Sorry, couldn't read it all.

    But what you should do as 1st cycle is test only, just follow the sucessfull first cycle sticky.

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