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Thread: Seeking wisdom of experts. Please help

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    Seeking wisdom of experts. Please help

    I'm 6'2", 230# at 10-12%...have been lifting/training for over 10 years, eat very clean, and want to take on another cycle. I've run a few PH cycles, and 3 test cycles (one with dbol kick). I have plenty of supplies, and a good understanding of biochemistry/endocrinology. While I'm up-to-date on recent peer-reviewed manuscripts and anabolic mechanisms, I still would like some personal insight into my next cycle options. Current goal is to add lean mass, reduce body fat, and continue strength gains.

    Definite will do
    Week 1-12 T Cyp 500/wk
    Week 1-14 Arimi (.25 EOD) or Aromas (12.5 EOD) adjusted as needed
    HC G Week 1-14 at 250iu/E3.5D

    PC.T Week 15-18
    Nolva 40/20/20/20
    Clomid 75/50/50/50

    Have HCGenerate, caber, and letro in case.

    Possible (want to at least include 1 kicker and potential closer)
    T Prop Weeks 1-4/5 @ 100 EOD
    Epi Weeks 1-4/5 @ 30/40/40/50/50
    Regardless I want to close with
    LGI Stano 200 Weeks 9-12 @ 600/day

    Thoughts on running two kickers? Advice/info on other experiences would be appreciated. Also, will be running all the common supports.

    Some other questions:

    If I run the test kicker, I plan on dropping cyp to 200/200/300/400/then hold at 500 with prop at 0
    anyone have insight on this plan? Thought being to maintain somewhat stable serum test levels. Stano closer to harden and lean out towards end or overkill? Epi on cycle means no need for another AI until stopping Epi?
    Choose epi because it's a designer AAS, not ph, and have a had great results with very little sides.

    I appreciate all input

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    Isnt HCGenerate a total scam? I would stay away from that garbage from what I read online

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    What doses were your previous test cycles at? and how old are you?

    And what's the caber for?

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    If your taking Aromasin it needs to be taken ed not EOD... You must run your AI throughout your cycle up to pct, as well as HCG (is it real HCG or did you get it OTC) if do toss it now... And get some real HCG which needs to be run from the beginning of your cycle up to 3 days prior to pct starting - science has advanced so if read up on this...

    I'm curious too as to why you have caber if no progestin(19nor is being used)??

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    HCGenerate is a scam that harms noobies thinking they are getting HCG . A scam by need2build muscle guys, who have 30000 member accounts and make up fake posts about how good it is. Stay away man. Here is more that I found:

    Thoughts on HCGenerate?
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    Producing fake HCG ??? Whatever next ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MR-FQ320
    Producing fake HCG ??? Whatever next ?
    I know its fooking stupid seen as though its easy to get and quite cheap dont see why they need to sell crap

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    These guys at Need2\buildmuscle are VERY DANGEROUS PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!! Stay far FAR away from an herbal supplement that is suggested to fix hormone levels, especially from guys who fill the internet with bullshit posts about how GREAT their products are. This shit isnt a game... this is your health on the line!

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    ^^^^^^ correct ! On so many levels! ^^^^^^^ n2bm promote their bs products by exactly that way fake posts and a bunch of alters talking to themselves ! What a bunch of goobs!

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