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    alcohol and testosterone

    curious to get your input on the subject. My first cycle i didnt have a drop of alcohol until it was over. I dont drink alot just like to have 1 or 2 beers with and after dinner. is this ok to do 3 to 4 nights a week? im taking 500 test e

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    Is it going to kill you or have complications? No. Is it going to hurt your progress and show your lack of dedication to your strength and physique goals? Yes.

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    I like living, yet I like looking good & lifting.

    Soooo - find a balance

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    Interesting question... Related to it, I drink a Chinese herbal drink that is in a rice wine base. I'm only using injections and the herbal drink is fairly low in quantity, only for the health benefits on the liver and kidneys. Thoughts on this?

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    Honestly I think moderation is key, unless your running a heavy cycle and KNOW you're on the edge already. Obviously abstaining altogether would be best. In MBDN's situation, I think it's fine. In the "I want to go out and party because my friends are doing it" situation, you probably shouldn't be juicing if you can't say no.

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