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    First Cycle Question Regardning Hair Loss


    I am in a gym 6 days a week and have hit genetic limit.
    I eat clean and work very hard.

    In College in 2001 I used (when legal) Pro-Hormone 19Androstine-dione or whatever It was called with proper exercise I went from 175 to 195 and kept a good majority of it to this day.
    I was on and off these for 2 years.

    I was thinking of running a 12 week cycle (first time) of Test-E 500 week and Anavar

    I did not loose hair in college but I am heading on 41 yrs old and I do have
    male pattern baldness on the back of my head. (thining bald spot)

    I know its different from person to person however with elevated DHT will one cycle
    have me wearing a ball cap or shaving my head for life?

    My friend has done cycles for the last 4 years and he is completely bald.
    Not that there is anything wrong with that however I do appreciate the hair I have left.
    If I could put on 8lbs and keep it I would be happy..

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    What you are talking about Test E 500 and Anavar is a good first cycle. You will definitely notice good strength and size gains. As for the baldness, the likelihood of one cycle making the rest of your hair fall out is unlikely. Here is an article that a quick Google search yields Is Testosterone Making You Go Bald? The Link Between Male Hormones & Hair Loss - Sharecare

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    I think at your age you should start off with trt then when that is sorted run a blast. If you have the genes to go bald you probbaly will go bald if you dont then you wont. Get a blood test to see were your levels are

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    Thank you all for the comments ..

    Only reason I ask this question
    Is I have read all these horror stories ..

    I would not think 1 single cycle 12 weeks
    Would do that much damage .. However some people have really said some alarming things about a single cycle..

    Yes it's just Test - E 500 and Anavar .
    I could even run Test at 250 per week..
    If that is safer ...

    The only reason I'm doing this is to get some permanent gains.. Is it possible
    To keep at least 5 lbs from one cycle
    With proper diet and workout plan..
    I kept a good amount from college when I used pro hormones

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