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    puffy nips? help

    They don't itch nor do I feel a hard 'pea sized' lump in either. But they are noticeably puffy. What could this be and will it go away?

    I'm running test e 500 week, aromasin 12.5 ed, hcg 500~week

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    12.5 aromasin is probably not enough. 25mg ED is the standard dose. It's most likely just water. Gyno symptoms usually start with itching and sensitivity. You don't have to up ur AI dose, but you should know how to dial it in. You need to be aware of high E2 symptoms so you can up your AI if needed.

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    It's normal to get a little puff sometimes as your hormones are in flux. Make sure your diet is solid and your sodium in check. Are you going to pull bw? Your e2 may be on the rise 12.5 mgs lstane is the standard dose but you may need to increase. Hopefully your AI isn't bunk.

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