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    Dosage questions

    How much do I take of oxandrolone 10mg/ml in a 20ml vial to equal the recommended dosage of 10mg a day in a ml syringe. I'm female and this is my first experience with liquid oral oxandrolone.

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    Is this your first experience with AAS? The more information you can provide the better help you will receive. Stats? Goals? Training experience? Diet? Etc...The reason I ask is 10mg might be a little high for a first timer.

    To answer your question you have 10mg in one ml (10mg/ml). So 1ml in the syringe would be 10mg. This is an ORAL syringe you are referring to correct?

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    I assume your using oral var so be very careful it's var and not winny. Like posted above, 1ml would be 10mg since it's 10mg per ml. You have enough for 20 days
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