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    Smile Can I take Clen without TEST for weight loss?

    I have been working out for 1 year in the gym, most of the 1 year has been taking from

    These stats

    Male 22
    BF% 25
    210 LBS

    To these stats

    Male 23
    BF% 14
    160 LBS

    So the majority of this 1 year of training has been weight loss due to an ACL tear recovery after a Taekwondo tournament although the last 2 months have been weight training for packing muscle. I have been active in plyometric and cardio for the past 5 years as an instructor but after the injury I ate junk food for 6 months and blew up to a super chubby 210lbs. After that I decided I wanted to really get into fitness, and since hitting the gym 3 times a week for the past year and smashing a good diet I have got myself on track and now am addicted to fitness and working out. My current goal is to now keep decreasing my Bf% while toning/packing on muscle for a slimmer more athletic physique as I don't want to be huge due to the mobility and speed needed for my Taekwondo career.

    I am not wanting to get deep into steroids , ie Anavar , Tren , Test, Dianabol etc etc. I am getting results and I love them but I do wan't to increase the speed of my results from my hard work. But my question is... Can I take Clen without stacking the normally required base test? I always here use test under everything else you use.

    All help, knowledge, Tips, Tricks and advice to help me reach my goals in general is greatly appreciated guys!!

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    It seems as though you've read some 'bro-science' somewhere that says you need to run Test with Clen . This is incorrect. Are you sure you're not referring to T3? You can run clen by itslef.

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    Your only 23 yrs old you and probably should reconsider running AAS until your closer to 25yrs. Plus at 5'10 and 160Lbs you have lots of room for natural growth.IMO

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    Yes you can take clen w/o test. In fact its good your in no hurry as you shouldn't really be considering steroids just yet anyway. The thing is this , clen is merely an aid. Obviously your diet and training will play the main role in dictating your results so Id recommend clen when you get close to your goal (if at all) to help with the final couple % of bf.

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