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    New log: cyp,prop kick,epi close

    29 yr old 6'3" 235 @ 9.5%
    Bench 1RM 385 (with pause at bottom)
    Back squat 1RM 405 pause at 90, 375 deep
    Dead 1 RM 545
    Snatch 1 RM 255
    Clean and Jerk 1 RM 315

    Previous Cycle Experience:
    6 cycles
    3 with test (one plain, one with dbol kick, one with stano)
    3 PH (2 epi, 1 halo)

    Made and kept great gains off them all
    Dbol caused me low back pain, as did epi
    Made sure wasn't dehydration, taurine fixed the epi
    Liked the dry hardness epi produced, also helped combat libido issues, so want to include it

    Current cycle: (started today!)

    Weeks 1-4 cyp @ 250 e3.5d
    Weeks 5-12 cyp @ 300 e3.5d
    Weeks 1-4 prop @ 150/100/100/50 eod
    Weeks 10-14 epi @ 30/30/40/40/50
    Arimidex weeks 2-14 @ .25 eod
    Hcg weeks 2-14 @ 250 e3.5d

    Nolva weeks 14.5-18.5 @ 40/40/20/20
    Clomid weeks 14.5-18.5 @ 75/50/50/50
    Mucuna Puriens 14-20

    Cycle Support starting week before epi through pct
    Red yeast rice
    Fish oil

    Have on hand:
    Caber, letro, aromasin , HCGenerate, tribbulis, dopa

    If anyone sees anything wrong with what I have planned, or has suggestions/personal experiences, please share and help!!!

    What do you like to use for combating libido sides?

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    I would run the AI from day 2 up until PCT starts.
    You should also run hCG @ 250iu weeks 1-12

    In my experience recovery has been very smooth/quick doing this.

    I cannot comment on any of the other details as I've never tried Epi or jump started with prop, not sure about the ramping of doses.

    The only libido sides i've encountered are extreme libido which isnt an issue
    I would suspect if you are having the opposite effect your Test to E is out of whack and should figure that out with mid cycle bloods (maybe your E2 is too high and time to up the AI?)

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    When it comes to dosages just pick one and stick to it for the whole duration. Run the prop at 150 mgs for four weeks and the cyp at 300 mgs for the entire cycle. I advise this because the body prefers stable hormone levels. Increasing and decreasing dosages will cause peaks and valleys in serum concentrations. You should begin using dex from day 1 and HcG from day 1 up to 3 days prior to PCT. I would drop epi entirely because it is a pro hormone.

    Tamoxifen from the forum sponsor is great for libido.

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