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Thread: Need Help ASAP

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    Need Help ASAP

    Ok so this is a long story so thank you for taking the time to read
    i was suffering from low t as well as being injury prone
    i am a professional athlete in track
    problem was with low t i was fatigued,slow all day, relying on coffee taking longer to recover
    My Test was 9.1
    Free test 234

    i started taking some peptides and they made it worse in that time
    i started getting muscle cramps and spasams as soon as i stopped they left
    At this time i was 90kg lean fast powerfull strong before having injected anything into my body and pure lean genetics! i was proud of it but i needed it to get to my long term goal
    I started going backwards
    i was then prescribed testosterone propinate at 150mg a week to begin
    then was slowly raised to 400 over 6 months but never exceeded due to
    It was run to my test levels to increase then to help with my sport
    anyhow coming off i didnt pct because i was hospitalized for
    during my run i had 6weeks of eq at 500mg a week at my own with supervision through someone to help with collagen synthesis(bad Idea with pummps and anxiety it gave me ) aswell as sleep issues

    They said my heart had grown and blood clotted and blah blah
    did all the test came back fine
    Doctors even said on my papers i was a "illicit Drug abuser"
    when really the illict drug abuser was the guy next to me walking into the wall on ice and alcohol and was talking to his reflection in the window!

    How ever coming off i didnt crash but my Test mid cycle was
    test 42.7
    Free test 1800
    im sure it would of gone beyond 50 and beyond 2000 later in peak cycle
    8-9 weeks later without pct im currently at
    Test 17.9
    free test 490
    witch is tottally crap
    but better then what i started with

    my problem now is and when i came off and sometimes on cycle
    When i train i feel like im a broken down fragile old person
    Muscles would pull, Tight as hell and i stretch daily and everything because a sprinter is hard on the body so recovery is almost ahead of training in schedule
    i cant do push ups sometimes with out my tricep feeling like its going to tear or my chest is going to rip, and today i was doing chin ups at home abnd felt like my late was going to tear

    in that time i was in and out of hospital i hardly trained to give my body a break but continued to stretch and relax as much as possible to let me body unwind from all the stress

    Is there something wrogn with me in terms of muscle syndrome?
    even my day to day activities i hurt my muscles and its a joke
    My test levels are ridiculous for a 24 year old even now i have freinds who dont train and look skinny as a fence paling with levels of 35+ !

    I am looking into something in the future like hgh to help just even in general day to day things

    Much help would be appreciated
    thank you so much

    any questions on anything i i will do my best to provide you with full details

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    Need Help ASAP-blood-1.jpgNeed Help ASAP-blood-2.jpgNeed Help ASAP-blood-3.jpgNeed Help ASAP-blood.jpg
    these are my blood test results from last week
    hopefully someone might know something

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    If you have true low testosterone , treatment doesn't stop and start, you don't cycle. All that does is cause your levels to go up and down, up and down. You need continual treatment that stabilizes your levels so that you can do away with these highs and lows. Steady treatment with weekly Cypionate or Enanthate injections would be the first place to start. 100-200mg per week or 50-100mg 2/wk will get most men to their optimal testosterone levels . If you are looking for more than optimal, then the dose would need to increase but by how much depends on what you're after. And if you're looking for more than just testosterone , consider things like Anavar or Winstrol . Some will knock winny for joint discomfort but that seems to be individually based as it was never an issue for me. Anyway, these are good places to start.

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    Do a proper pct of novadex 40 20 20 20 then clomid 75 50 50 50. After that. Wait 6 weeks then get blood work again. You have shut yourself down running gear. You need to try restart h
    Your body naturally again

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    Op you have total test and free testosterone listed backwards. Free test will always be the smaller number. As its the "free" or unattached testosterone in our blood that isn't attached to albumin or SHBG(sex hormone binding globulin). Also you stated one of your tests came back 8--9 weeks after cycle with no pct at 490 total test and 17.9 free testosterone. Just so you know those levels are not that bad(there actually considered in normal range still) Especially without a pct. I would retest again at the 3 month mark and see where your at.
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