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    Bromo dosage (bromocriptina)

    Hey guys , my cycle at the moment is 500mg test , 400 deca and dbol , i have anti estrogen arimidex , witch i take eod , my question is , at what dosage a take bromo ? I have bromo (bromocriptina) at 2.5 mg

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    If you have to ask this question then you likely shouldn't be using deca . If you control e2 with dex then a DA will be redundant. Mid cycle BW is important for this reason. Bromo is strong and most people can't handle the side effects. You should look into prami or caber. Bromo dosage for hyperprolactinemia begins at 1.25 md daily and then titrated every week as tolerated. Taking bromo with food and before bed will help with any sides.

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