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    how do i bypass my maximum muscular potential?

    I think my maximum muscular body potential is 180-185lb bf%9-11. Everytime I cycle (4 cycles in now) I get up to 193-196lbs bf%8-10 during cycle. But after cycle and pct I seem to drop down to my almost starting weight. I keep my calories up even more during pct. Then when I try to up my calories more it starts to turn to bf%. I can't seem to get up to 200lbs. How do some of these monsters get up to 220+? HGH? slin? Igf-1? Never come off cycle?

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    HGH... Genetics, lots of juice... Lol

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    Hgh and genetics basically

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    Real IGF-1lr3 not 80% potent version that is actually not even close to as potent... good amount of insulin pros probably go as high as 200-300 iu insulin a day.. HGH abuse.. High doses and blowing up while lean under 8% bf to start to get muscle striations and having the muscle blowup from within giving it a crazy look.. SEO's.. Probably staying on tren 6 months at a time.. Eating lots of calories and having a good genetic response to hormones.. Having good genetics to begin with.. Being able to afford real GH and having a good source for juice to stay on constantly doesn't hurt either..

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