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    Clen/T3 Cycle Questions.

    Goal: My goal is to be as shredded as possible because I am going into a amateur men's physique contest and they do not drug test. Also the people that are going into it are on steroids anyway. So I have been using Clen for four days, and I want to cycle in t3 to help slip down a little more, but my question is how can I do this effectively without losing a large quantity of muscle.

    My Information:
    So I read a lot of information on Clen and how to cycle it properly. I have acquired liquid Clen and I ran it for three days. The first day I dosed 20mcg second day 40mcg and third day 60mcg. My heat was beating very heavy so any more than 80mcg I feel like I would have a heart attack so I decided to dose back to 20mcg on the fourth day. I know clen is working well and I am taking my potassium and taurine to prevent cramps, but I want to cycle in t3.

    My Question:

    I want to cycle the liquid t3 in with my liquid clen, but I want to lose the body fat compared to losing muscle. So I was curious as to if I could dose 20 mcg of liquid clen a long with 20 mcg of liquid t3 to help promote fat loss without losing a large amount of muscle. Could some experienced users please explain if this is a good idea. Because I am more than a month out from the competition.

    I am still lifting heavy two days out of the week, the rest of the time I am doing lower weight high reps and cardio. My diet is on point also.

    Body Stats

    Weight: 179 pounds
    Height 5' 9"
    Here are some picture's of myself.

    Here are pictures of where I am at.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Clen/T3 Cycle Questions.-img_1825.jpg   Clen/T3 Cycle Questions.-img_1818.jpg   Clen/T3 Cycle Questions.-img_1805.jpg   Clen/T3 Cycle Questions.-img_1794.jpg  

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    A healthy person produces roughly 25-35 μg/day of T3. So taking 20 μg/day would be useless. T3 should be only used with test to prevent muscle catabolism. Using T3 without a test base puts you at risk of burning just as much muscle as fat. Since you're 21 using test really isn't an option. I think you should stick to using clen while concentrating on diet and training. There is a great thread on T3 by austinite attached below.

    T3: A complete guide to cycling T3 and how it works

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    If your not going to go with a min 50 mcgs t3 it isn't worth it and you must be supplementing in the ball park of 250 mgs of tes a week. If that's you, you look great. I would stay doing what you are doing.

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