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    Front load Test E help!

    Hi Guys,

    I am trying to front old my cycle and I started my cycle this week and have already pinned 250mg test eth on Monday and having my second shot this evening so 500mg in total, my cycle is as below. I was wondering how would I front load it this week considering I have already taken one shot?

    Week 1-11: (Bulk) : Test Ethan 250mg Every 3.5 days (11 Weeks at 500mg per week)

    Week 12-17: (Cut): Test Prop 100mg EOD (350mg a week)/Anavar 50-80mg ED (6 weeks and run this through the show)

    Week 1-17: Arimadex from day 2 onwards 0.25mg EOD up until pct starts/HCG from week 2 250 IU every 3.5 days (500IU week total)

    PCT after 4 days with clomid 75/50/50/50 and nolva 40/20/20/20 DAILY FOR 4 weeks

    if I have shot 250mg already this week of test E, does that mean shoot another 750mg today and then another 1g of next Monday for the week? Will this mess up my blood levels or have a nasty effect on estrogen? I am starting Hcg from next week too so was wondering what I should take into consideration.

    also as its a 17 week cycle, does that matter if I front load?

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    Many different options but just do a 500mg of prop and call it good
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