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    I got

    500 10mg tabs of anavar
    100 10mg of halo
    300 10 mg tabs of tbol
    A bottle of 250 mg/ml 10ml
    5 5000iu bottles of hcg
    60 10mg tabs of nolvadex

    My plan was to run
    10 mg halo ed
    80 mg anavar ed
    50 mg tbol ed
    250 mg test e every week

    The reason i chose these three oral is because they don't aromatize . And thats also why i keep the test e low. I want to build strength and slowly bulk up for more permanent gains.

    My question is this... Is this oral stack too damaging to the liver or should it be ok for 8 weeks?

    Ive seen people take 40mg if halo a day for 2 weeks... And they other two are fairly mild on yhe liver so i thought it may not be too harsh

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    Dumb cycle especially if it's your first should start off with 500mg test a week for 12-14 weeks will give you much better gains that will be kept depending on your post cycle diet, training and genetics but with the orals you can't run them as long and alot of the gains are water and Halo will put no size on you just give you some strength but in turn if you lift too heavy too fast you could really hurt yourself halo, anavar AND tbol all make you VERY STRONG and it's taxing on the liver to run them all everyday and you can't run them that long anyway... Orals should be taken to kickstart a cycle before the test kicks in and that will give you the real quality gains and test will give you the thickness you want.. More test= more thickness and size and a bigger bodybuilder.. You're doing more damage than good with that cycle and you will not be nearly as pleased with the results if you ran this.. Just run aromasin during your cycle if you're worried about aromatization and you should be running an AI anyway during your cycle...

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    3 orals! No way. That's insane and not worth the risk.
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    Keep 1 oral for the first 3-4 weeks (let's say halo) then drop it and run just test. Final 2 weeks of injecting you can start var and run it for 4 weeks. (Last test e jab+2weeks) to give you a smoother transition to pct.

    2 orals for 8 weeks altogether is risky Nd pushing it but you might get away with it.
    3 orals is asking for all sorts of trouble.

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