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    Big problems with clen please Expert help (SRS)

    Hi all,
    it has been a while.
    Without going through many points, clen suppresses completely my hunger after 5 days. same thing happens with dbol and I think virtually any oral except T3. don't know why this happens, my gf took the same clen and her hunger got increased.
    Anyways, my question is the following: will it make sense, doing 6 days on 6 days off???
    will my body have enough time to burn calories from the very first dose?? in theory I think yes, because I get shaky and spasms since the first day so the b2 receptors should get at work too.
    the next question: is 6 days off enough or has it to be 2 weeks, regardless how much time I was on??

    I see my questions are not that easy to answer, and little knowledge is maybe required, so please answer only If you're shure about what you're saying.
    good weekend!
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