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    Help with Cycle please

    Hi Thanks for reading,

    I'm 31 years old 248lbs probably close to 25%BF been away from the gym for a year. I know the best advice you guys or I can give my self is to get my diet and routine in check before I start a cycle. However, results really do drive routine, so I've decided to get whatever help I can out of a cycle. I understand I won't get the full potential.

    I picked up:
    100 tabs winstrol 25mg
    20ml tren E
    10ml test prop
    20ml Equipoise

    (I have 10 ml test E and 10ml Masteron from previous cycle)

    My plan as of now is

    Equipoise once weekly

    Test E - EOD until it's done Then swap to test prop

    Tren - EOD

    Masteron - twice a week in the beginning

    Wini - 3 pills a day , breakfast lunch dinner

    Obviously I need help. Please help!

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    Should have come on here before buying that stuff. First off, you should not cycle at 25% bf as you will gain a lot of water weight and be susceptible to negative sides. Second, no way on the tren . This is a serious compound and should not be done until you have several cycles under your belt. You should always start with test only, which you can read about on the thread called "planning and executing a first successful cycle. Read as much as you can and I am glad you came here before taking all the stuff you bought. Good luck.

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    If you want to drop bf then steroids are not your answer. You need a clean diet. I understand everyone thinks steroids will do everything but winner won't harden you up at 25% and masteron is a waste with high bf.
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    You didn't mention anything about the most important components of the cycle. AI? DA? HcG ? PCT? BW? TDEE?

    You should hold of on cycling until you have a proper diet and workout routine.

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    You need a proper diet and at least another 18 months in the gym before a cycle.

    How tall are you?

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