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    MOD GRF 1-29 and GHRP2 for Neck/Shoulder Injury

    So at advice of forum I'm exploring the use of GHRP and GHRH (instead of RX GH), to treat this chronic neck and shoulder squatting injury.

    Still such a newb.

    Want to make sure I'm putting it all together correctly.

    -pin 100mcg of each, 3X daily, for 5 months
    -okay to run TB-500 during that time
    -okay to run an AAS cycle also
    -GHRP2 recommend if appetite is an issue. I already have intense hunger naturally.
    -looks like GHRP strength is a direct trade off with cortisol and prolactin. Solutions?

    Looks like cost for just the peptides is around $1,200 (assumes 300mcg of each everyday for 5 months). Certainly less than RX GH.

    Am I missing anything important (likely)?

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    You can replace the GHRP with Ipamorelin. Then you will not have the impact on PRl or cortisol or perhaps most important of all GHIH either.

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