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    Well I trained back in the day but as it stands i have yet to get a membership to a gym.. I am getting all the stuff ready for when then time comes to cycle but my question is can i just start the cycle and the gym at the same time? why/why not? I need advice from all you swole cats that have done this for a while.

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    Now I don't know when the last time you trained or what your stats are but, here is what I do. For my post season cycle, I let my body rest for 2 weeks, no working out what soever. Then I do a 4 week high rep low weight cycle, that gives me endurance in my muscles, when you have endurance you will now be able to get stronger, I then wait till I am at least 10 lbs below where I want to be and at teh same strength I was at the end of my last cycle with just taking over the counter supplements liek protein shakes and L-Glutamine, also throw in some joint fuel. At this point I then start my cycle, soemthimes this takes (the whole process) 6-8 weeks.

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    Well I would pay a lot more attention to getting to the gym, starting a training program, and getting a training diet going before worrying about things like AS.

    Assuming that at one time you were in great shape it will be a lot easier to get back into shape again. If we are talking about over a year away from working out I would plan on a few months in the gym before thinking about other means of getting bigger, stronger, or whatever.

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    You must build your base back up. A strong foundation is important. If you just juice and go you'll be happy at first, but when you come off your likely to be very pissed off! Build the block and then use the sauce to shape it up. Wait at least 6 months. Thats just my opinion.

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