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    Angry please help

    i am on an enth prop deca cycle and i am having the worst sides ever. i havent slept more than 4 hours each night. i was wondering if i could take some xanax to help me relax and sleep better. if a vet or doctor could help me. xanax is the only thing i can get my hands on. will it effect my gains at all because if it does i wont take it.

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    Try Melatonin for your will help. It worked great for me


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    I don't think it"ll effect your gains,but you will feel groggy a coupla hours after you get up!(If you get 7-8 hours sleep)

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    i get like that sometimes my self,u wake up and itfeels that u didnt even sleep ,then ur weak as hell in the gym and good does melatonin work?

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    xanax is time released bro, thats why you still feel groggy the day after you take it. i dont like the stuff. i have tried melatonin, bought some shit called "alluna" with melatonin and all the other herbal sleep aids in it and it was shit. didnt even make me groggy, and it cost $9 for about 20. simply sleep, made by tylenol, works well but it leaves me groggy the next day also. i have just resigned myself to sleeping when i can fall asleep. i'd rather be big and tired than small and well rested. anything for the cause.

    oh yea, my point was, forget about the xanax.

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