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Thread: My first cylce

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    My first cylce

    Whatsuppp peopleeee. Iam planning to start my first cycle, iam 168cm and around 70kgs lean muscle. Going to gym 5 years blablabla.

    1-12week_____Test e 500mg/week
    1-4week______dbol 30mg/day
    2-12week______aromasin 12.5mg/day
    5-12week______HCG 500iu/week

    pct(4 weeks)
    nolva 40/20/20/20
    clomid 75/50/50/50

    What you think? Greetings

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Run hcg through your whole cycle. Drop it 2 days before pct.

    Drop the dbol . It's your first cycle so test only. That way u will no how your body will deal with a cycle.

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    73rr is on point. I also suggest running the AI from day 1. Not after a week into it. How old are you? Cycling at only 154# isn't very good to start at. Or are you just saying 70kg lean muscle and didn't add in all the other parts of the body? lol

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    Are you aware of the risks?

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    You are only 21 and should wait for another 4 years until your body has fully develoed. You may screw yourself up for the rest of your life.your body is producing enough testosterone for good results.

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    Yep didn't catch that guys.

    Yea bro your to young. Visit diet section. We will get u to your goals natty!

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