Hej folks,

so we had some free time during the holidays and by that, I had time to think, which lead me to a question I wasn't able to answer myself.

In short;
If a better body composition is your goal, wouldn't it be beneficial to take stimulants as t3&clen in addition to a cycle to maximize gains?

Now you'll ask yourself, wtf is he thinking off, let me share my thoughts.

The idea is to achieve the highest G-flux where we're still able to recover.
For those who don't know the idea behind g-flux, a short explanation:

The idea behind G-flux is by increasing G-Flux, even in energy balance (where calories in theoretically equal calories out), people see increases in sympathetic nervous system activity and metabolic rate. And these increases lead to increased lean mass and decreased fat mass. Again, even in energy balance.
Now, this can get confusing so here’s an example.
Take an individual eating 2000kcal a day and burning 2000kcal a day. That person wouldn’t likely lose or gain any weight. They’re in energy balance and that means they’d be weight stable.
Yet if we use the principles of G-Flux to boost this person’s food intake to 3000kcal a day and boost their calorie burning to 3000kcal a day, most would assume that the person wouldn’t change. They’d assume that the increased intake and expenditure would cancel each other out, right.
But researchers have shown that in such a situation there are increases in metabolic rate, losses of fat, and increases in lean mass! The weight might not always change but body comp certainly does. (Look at professional sportsmen) And that’s the power of G-Flux! Eat more, exercise more, build a better body.
To achieve optimal body composition and health, it is essential to find the right balance between energy intake and expenditure. Keeping G-flux high is vital to maintaining a lean body and staying strong, functional, and healthy.

Increased G-Flux
If you increase G-Flux through exercise, nutrition, and supplementation, then you’ll enjoy:
- simultaneous increases in lean mass and losses in fat mass
- increased metabolic rate
- more rapid adaptations to training stress
- better recovery
- improved health
- increased sympathetic nervous system (SNS) activity
- improved nutrient partitioning (in other words, what your body does with what you eat)
- improved micronutrient delivery (in other words, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients get where they need to go)
- increased tissue remodeling and turnover

So, now that you have an idea about what it's about, you probably already get the idea what I'm trying to say.
I already know people using T3 during a bulk due to increased protein synthesis and stuff.
If we now take it a step further and implement compounds which increase metabolism like T3 and clen, wouldn't it be even more beneficial to all the advantages mentioned above?
My idea is that due to the metabolic raise and increase in calories, in theory, it should lead to an even better body composition.

Of course, many people already have a hard time eating enough and out eating the metabolic raise of T3 and clen could be difficult for some, so please let's just spin our head around the theory mentioned above and not individual issues which can arrive. It's only a theory and we don't need to get off track, so let's try to stay on track.
Looking forward to hear what you think!