Hi all

stats im 46, 6'2 237 16percent bf (friggin 90 percent of that went to gut)

2 years ago i had my rotator cuff and beaks ligament rebuilt after a bike wreck, prior to that i probably had 10 or so lifetime cycles..been back in the gym and things have progressed well strength wise and im way past rehab mode, need to shed this fat and ive dropped from 260 natty but really need to hang on to my mass.

going to run a recomp

andromix 1 cc ed, 50 prop/50tren/50 mast 8 weeks
tren a added at .25 ed 8weeks
t3--------50 ed 8 weeks
I have caber and aromison on hand but past cycles did not require them
hgc 250 e3d

clomid pct

plan to run a ckd body opus style at maint calls to begin with may drop or raise cals week 2 depending on response. I have ran this diet before on cycle and worked well.

Any reviews on andromix? I bought it because it was on hella sale and have enough for 2 cycles lol so hope its not bunk.

my t3 drops on tren (blood test confirmed a few years ago) so thats the reason for the t3, never tried clen but i see its added to similar cycles often and am thinking about it.

am i on track here, been years since i was behind the curve bf wise