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    Please help total newbie

    I was tested and found to have low test levels. Doc prescribed me testosterone Cypionate 180-20MG/ML. I was told to inject 2 ml twice a week. Also prescribed DHEA/Pregnenolone 25-30 MG tabs to take daily. I just started tonight.

    Hitting the gym regularly starting tomorrow and first question is this test prescription even good for any muscle building or is it purely a hormone replacement type of test prescription with little 'gains' potential? I have researched the forums information and education threads but can't really tell if what I got is even high enough test prescription to do anything?

    I am 47 years old and want to make the most of the next 90-120 days. Is what I have good enough (dosage wise as well) and is there anything else I could be taking or stacking with this to see best results. I currently have BMI of 25% so definitely need to lean up but not so concerned with that aspect at the moment, focused on some muscle mass first.

    Thank you so much for any insight you pros have.

    Mark - Long Beach, Ca.

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    How much did he prescribe you each week. I see you said 2ml each week but how many mg/ml is it?

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    If I'm reading this right you are injecting 2ml of 20mg/ml twice a week. It looks like you are taking 80mg per week which is a fairly normal TRT dose. If you have been experiencing low test symptoms you will definitely notice a difference. Whilst it is not enough to be anything like a steroid cycle you should still notice some gains in the gym compared to when you had low test. I'd suggest not to add anything to what the doc has already prescribed to you. You will want to get the TRT up and running smoothly for some time before you consider playing with your doses or adding other compounds.

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    Thank you!! The bottle says 280-20MG/ML so I am confused as well what the actual does is. Instructions are 2 ML twice weekly. Not sure what the 280-20 means.

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    Can you post pic of the vial label?

    Kinda strange concentration.

    Whats was reason for the low test?

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