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    First cycle test prop

    After doing about 3years research, I finally started my first cycle. I'm 5 days in. Doing 125ml test prop eod with 1mg arimidex on pin days. Looking to do the cycle for 8 weeks, one week off, then 3 week hcg , nova and zma. From week 6 then I'm gonna do 2week on/off clen . Done clen before with fantastic results.

    Diet is fairly clean. 280g protein a day (a killer) 2600cal min a day but not counting to the exact calorie. Lost 7kg already in 5 days so I'm hoping to start putting on the weight now!

    Starting weight 89kg/now 82kg.
    Height 175cm/ 17%
    28yrs old

    I have good genitics but have had a party life style of drink and coke the last year. Off it all now and doing great. Easy for me to cut weight and grow muscle at the same time.

    All advise welcome.

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    After 3 years of research your pct is a mess, read the "Sucessfull first cycle" sticky by Austenite, it will set you up correctly.

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    If your looking to gain muscle from this cycle i would advise not to do a drastic cut with clen /diet after PCT, theres a good chance you will lose all those gains by doing that

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    280g of protein...I eat half that and I'm more carbs I'd say

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