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    Cycle input please

    Anyone ever tried this?

    Looking to do this:

    Test E 600mg /weeks 1-14
    dbol 40mg /day weeks 1-4
    deca 400mg /weeks 1-7 (therapy for my hurting joints/ tendons)
    tren 400mg /weeks 8-14 (to trim off/ lean up at 2nd half of cycle)

    letro 1.25mg (1/2 tab) ed weeks 1-14
    adex .5mg ed 1-14

    1mg finasteride ed 1-14

    PCT: 2 weeks following end of cycle
    nolva 40mg/40/40/20/20
    clomi 150mg/150/100/50

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    Finasteride on cycle can cause gyno issues I have read.
    The letro every day sounds bad. That will kill your E, and dry out your bones.

    Edit: Also what are your stats? Age, bf, height, weight, cycle history, etc.
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    Stats before anything man pleaee

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    I'm 35, 6' 192 lbs. bf is at abt 15%
    3rd cycle but been on trt from the doc.
    Oh, and i eat like a freaking horse constantly!

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