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    Time On + PCT = Time Off... Question on the Details

    I'm wondering what this means. If I did a 10 week cycle, 2 weeks of nothing and then a 4 week PCT. That totals 16 weeks time off right?

    If so, do I count 16 weeks from my last test-e shot or from my last day of PCT before I can think about starting a new cycle?

    My last shot was October 29th. My last day of PCT was December 10th. Can I start again 16 weeks after October 29th?

    I know this depends on blood tests but I'm not going to do a blood test until close to when I'm thinking of starting a new cycle. Don't want to waste my time if the formula calls for 16 weeks after your last day of PCT because that's not for another month and a half.

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    The general rule of thumb is time on plus pct equals time off so yes 16 weeks off at least

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    16 weeks after the end of PCT, so from 10th December.

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