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    I have read through a lot of threads about this substace, and I have still the question, wether this peptide can be used on long term, in small doses, without risking to desenzitisating the receptors. (What happens if the sensors will get densenzitisated, are they gonna recover?). I just finish the pct and my sex drive is very low , i purchase 2 vials of 10 mg each and last night pin 1 mg after i had some gastro intestinal disconfort and after 6 hours a light erection last for abouth 10 minutes , today i what to try 2 mg ...

    My question : is ok to use ed or eod or e3d ??
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    It makes me have nausea even in smaller dosages so much I couldn't ever tell if I had any positive effect at all.
    Hard for to me to want sex when I feel I my puke my guts up.

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